The Scorpio Club & Resort - A Panoramic View

A Lifestyle to Own!

We remain so tangled toggling between work and home, struggling to manage personal, professional, and social life, that we hardly ever take time for ourselves. The result is stress, burnout, anger, frustration, and all negative feelings like that. 

Well, it’s time to let go of all these negative feelings by rejuvenating yourself in a luxurious lifestyle club designed for your comfort and relaxation.

The Scorpio Club is one of the largest clubs and resorts in the city of nawabs, Lucknow, specially designed for offering a pleasing experience that helps rejuvenate, revitalize, and relax by letting go of the chaotic burnout that comes from a busy and hectic lifestyle.

The charming lifestyle experience in the Scorpio Club with all the modern-day luxuries and comforts will help you feel renewed and revitalized before you need to go back to the monotony of your usual lifestyle.

Throw yourself into a life full of comfort, relaxation, and energy at this fantastic lifestyle club and resort that’s close to nature as well as all modern-day amenities.


Make Your Stay Memorable

High Speed Wifi

Upgrading your bandwidth is easy, and it can be done right from your phone.

Reservations 24/7

With our service you may enjoy the finest life in our resort.

Free Parking

We've Very huge Parking Space for your vehicles.

Breakfast Included

We have the fuel to start your day right.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Our big-sized swimming pool, conveniently located in an adjacent clubhouse

Fitness Center

Fully equipped gym and fitness for your workout regime, anytime of the day.

Kids’ Playground

An indoor & outdoor playground with slides, climbers and swings.

Parking Space

Please consider your private parking or better yet.

our story

Awesome since 2008

The Scorpio Club and Resort is a place to find a new and energetic lifestyle experience. Give yourself a break from all the hassles and monotony in your life by booking a reservation at the Scorpio Club.

Rent a room or suite here at the Scorpio Club and resort and fall into the comforts of a lifestyle that you own. 

Whether you want to spend some alone time with yourself or have fun with your family, or simply socialize, the experience at the Scorpio Club will charm and mesmerize you!

A Mesmerising Beauty in Your Plain Sight!

The Scorpio Club and Resort is not just relaxing for the comfort it offers, but you’ll fall in love with its visual appeal and beauty too.

Spread across a vast land, the resort is designed for an aesthetic look and appeal, far from the chaos of city life, yet close to the basic amenities of luxury and comfort.

The gorgeous architectural design of the resort is beauty in plain sight and you’ll fall out of words of praise when you set your eyes on the charming interiors full of cultural, traditional, and contemporary designs that speak of our natural heritage and culture.


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