Here is How We Provide a Secure Environment for Your Luxurious Resort Visit.

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  • Scorpio Club
  • 4 March 2023

Here is How We Provide a Secure Environment for Your Luxurious Resort Visit.

Recent changes in the factors that affect travel have led to increasing caution on the part of visitors. Many people are wondering if they will be safe as the third epidemic summer approaches. We have anticipated your new (and old) expectations to create a vacation experience that not only feels safe, but is safe. Being a luxury resort with over a century of expertise catering to evolving travel needs. These are some steps we've made to ensure that your time at The Scorpio Club & Resort is safe and enjoyable. 

We implemented onsite Covid tests. 
Our testing services are expert, convenient for large groups, and family- and child-friendly. But don't just believe what we say. Our customers have praised us for being "very thorough," "empathetic," and even a "highlight" of one traveler's trip. 
We set up sanitising stations all throughout the house. 
We have modified our property to reflect the fact that consumer behaviour has irrevocably altered with regard to sanitising. We implemented a sanitization programme that involved installing touch-free sanitising stations in strategic locations that wouldn't be disruptive, such the restaurant door and lobby. 

These locations give you the chance to protect both yourself and others while also serving as a reminder of our dedication to keeping your wellbeing at 100 percent. We want to keep The Scorpio Club & Resort a secure place for everyone who uses it. 

Employees are always disguised and undergo regular testing. 
Our first goal has always been the safety and well-being of all visitors and employees at The Scorpio Club & Resort. We consistently improve our health and safety practises while adhering to recommendations from regional and global public health agencies. 

As a result, our staff continue to cover their faces and engage in social distance, especially inside and during social encounters. This procedure is carried out for both completely immunised and immunised staff members. Almost 80% of our staff members are properly immunised at the moment. 

We have a secured entrance and constant security. 
Our dedication to maintaining your physical safety on our property is one thing that hasn't changed. Every effort is made to ensure that your downtime is uninterrupted. When you make a reservation with us, you'll have access to a luxurious resort with everything you could possibly need in one opulent location while being safe the entire time.